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Custom NFC module

NFC+BLE+WiFi Module
An home appliance company, which based in the US, developed a quite neat and high tech smart device which include NFC, BLE, WiFi module and reader so that the device would "know" what ingredians were put in.

We designed the NFC+BLE+WiFi module and the smart device was successfully launched.


IP Cam 
We worked on this project with a fabless, global supplier of a broad range of digital and analog semiconductor connectivity solutions company.
Usually, an IP camera runs with linux, boot time and battery power consumption are the top two issues for portable WiFi camera. HoyenTech won the oppotunity to design the module in RTOS.

It is our honor to work with such a great company. And, of course, the project was very successful!

WIFI LOCK for airbnb

Remote-scheduled-password Doorlock
The client is a working space provider. The company's founder managed the access of the space by a digital password door lock. His business was growing very fast. He needs electrical locks with a remote management system.

We design WiFi door lock. It connects to WiFi access point directly and manager can change the password remotely and schedule them by mobile APP or web site. That means, one person can control the access of hundreds of meeting rooms just by clicks. That's awesome!

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